Groom Information

Where will your pup stay?

Regular grooming is a must for all dog breeds to maintain healthy skin, coat, and nails! Make grooming time relaxing "me time" for your pampered pooch. They will enjoy their own kennel, comfy towel or blanket, a bowl of water, and even TV to watch as part of the great service your doggie can count on at American Pup Culture!

Being away from home, even for a little while, can be kind of scary for pups, so we make your furry family members feel at home and comfortable during their day at the spa! No need to worry because our groomers are very experienced and will put your pup at ease from bath to groom.

Grooming and Dayplay

If you'd like your pup to socialize with the other dogs in our doggie daycare for just $10 more, they can have a romp and enjoy the company of the other socially inclined pups looking to have fun! Just let us know so that we can book a daycare reservation in addition to a groom reservation, and they can play the day away in one of our cozy play rooms with the other daycare doggies before and/or after their groom!

We ask that you make a reservation for the day you would like your pet to be groomed.

You must have them in on the appointed day any time between 7:30am-11 am Tuesday-Saturday and 9am-11 am on Saturday.  Sunday and Monday we are closed.  

All pets must be up to date on the Rabies Vaccine in order to come in for grooming. Bordetella and Distemper/Parvo Vaccines are also required if you would like your pet to play with other dogs.

Grooming Packages

Some groom shops charging methods can be very complicated, and you might leave the shop without knowing exactly how much the groom will be. Rather than charging by temperament, condition of coat, how long you would like to keep the coat, type of coat, and how big the pet is, we charge simply by your pet's weight! We make it easy for you to see exactly how much your pet's groom will be before you even set foot in the salon. A de-matt fee may apply for any of our groom packages, but you will be called before the work is done. The de-matt fee will not exceed $10.

Full Groom:

Includes massaging bath, anal gland expression, detangling brush-out, clipped nails, ears cleaned and plucked, all over haircut, basic cologne, and a bandana or bows.

$50...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40lbs) 

$70...large (41-70 lbs) 

$90...giant (71 lbs+) 


FFS (face, feet, and sanitary) :

Includes massaging bath, anal gland expression, de-tangling brush-out, clipped nails, ears cleaned and plucked, trim on face, shaved pads, feet rounded, trim on tail, and sanitary areas shaved, basic cologne, and a bandana or bows. Perfect for growing out coat between grooms.

$40...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40 lbs) 

$55...large (41-70 lbs) 

$65...giant (71 lbs+) 


BBN (bath, brush, and nails): 

Includes massaging bath, detangling brush-out, clipped nails, anal gland expression, ears cleaned and plucked,  basic cologne, and a bandana or bows. Perfect for short-hair breeds, or pups that don't need any hair trimmed at all.

$30...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40 lbs) 

$40...large (41-70 lbs) 

$45...giant (71 lbs+) 

Indulge in Our Luxury Spa Services:

Purchase with bbn, ffs, or full groom


Mud Bath: 

Helps to remove impurities , exfoliate the skin, and rebuild the coat. Adds shine, gloss, and silkiness, too. 


$15...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40 lbs) 

$25...large (41-70 lbs) 

$30...giant (71 lbs+)


Blueberry Facial: 

Gentle formula contains oatmeal and blueberry. Helps to remove stains on the face without irritating eyes or sensitive skin. 


$5...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40 lbs) 

$5...large (41-70 lbs) 

$5...giant (71 lbs+)


De-Shed Treatment: 

De-shed shampoo and conditioner process with 15 minute brush-out and use of Furminator tool. Helps drastically reduce shedding. Regular use yields best results. 


$15...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40 lbs) 

$25...large (41-70 lbs) 

$30...giant (71 lbs+)


A La Carte (walk-in and wait or add on to any groom package if not included) 


PAWdicure:  $25...or $15 with bbn, ffs, or full groom

Clip and file nails, shave pads, round feet, and application of moisturizing paw pad treatment. 



Clip Nails Only:  $10

Walk in and wait while we clip your pet's nails. Keep their paws comfy with short nails and short quicks! 



File Nails:  $15...or $10 with bbn, ffs, or full groom

Keep nails from scratching you, your floors, or furniture! Includes nails clipped and gently filed with Dremel tool. 


Shave Pads & Round Feet Only: $15...$10 with BBN

Keep your baby's feet trimmed and neat. Also keeps long-hair breeds from sliding around on hard surfaces between grooms.


Paw Pad Moisturizer Only: $5

Add this to a BBN, FFS, or Full Groom. Moisturizing balm soothes and restores cracked and weathered paw pads and calluses on elbows.  


Paint Nails: $10

Add a POP of color to your pet's groom! Nails can be painted on short-hair breeds and dogs with "Clean Feet" (shaved toes) 


Clean & Pluck Ears: $10

Itchy, dirty, or hairy ears? Help prevent ear infections with regular ear cleaning and plucking (if hair is growing inside ear canal). 


Teeth Brushing: $10

Fight plaque and tartar buildup. We use an enzymatic toothpaste and breath freshening spray.


Sanitary Shave Only: $15...$10 with BBN

Ask our groomer to shave your baby's potty areas and say goodbye to waste getting stuck to their fur! 


Anal Gland Expression Only: $15

Comes free with a BBN, FFS, or Full Groom, but in between grooms, come on in, and we'll express your pet's anal glands and wash and dry their rear end while you wait. 


Trim Face Only: $15...$10 with BBN

Does Fido have some hair hanging over his eyes? Walk in and wait while we neaten up your pet's face between grooms! 


Brush Out Only:  (charge by weight)

No time to brush your pet? We can get it done! Walk in and wait or drop your pet off to get a brush out. We'll detangle their coat or get that pesky undercoat loosened! 

$15...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40 lbs)

$25...large (41-70 lbs)

$30...giant (71 lbs+) 


Flea Bath (charge by weight) 

Notice a flea on your pet? Let us know when you make your reservation, and  we'll get rid of those unwelcome guests! Purchase a flea bath with BBN, FFS, or Full Groom. IMPORTANT  NOTE: If your pup has an infestation of fleas (more than a few), you must get them treated at your veterinarian BEFORE they come in for their groom.  Any dog with an infestation of fleas or ANY ticks will NOT be accepted for grooming. Ask your veterinarian about which flea & tick preventative will work best for your pet to keep pests off for good!

$10...small (1-20 lbs) 

$ (21-40 lbs)

$20...large (41-70 lbs)

$20...giant (71 lbs+)