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About Doggie Daycare

American Pup Culture is a wonderful place to bring your family pet to play the day away! Doggie Daycare is a helpful solution for pets that have separation anxiety, pets with parents with busy work schedules, and pets with tons of energy. It's also a great way for your pet to learn social skills with new people and different types of pup personalities. Your pup will be happy, tired, and in turn, much more obedient at home after a day of daycare! 


Play Rooms

We offer a spacious "All Play" room in which big, medium, and small dogs all romp around with one another. Our "All Play" room is large enough to give the dogs plenty of room to run, but intimate enough for our Play Supervisor to be able to be at a dog's side in seconds should the need arise. This room accommodates up to 20 pets. 

We also have a "Small Dog" room in which our members of a smaller stature can hang out if their owners prefer. This room accommodates up to 15 pets.

Both the "Small Dog" and "All Play" rooms have windows that you can look in and see how your baby's doing. Both rooms have television for the pups to watch because let's face it, many dogs have grown accustom to having the comforting lull of a TV in the background at home! The rooms also have comfy seating areas for the dogs to lounge on when they're ready to put themselves down for a rest. We do not pup your pet in a kennel for nap times unless you specifically ask us to do so. We have found that most dogs will nap when they want to nap! So, everyone hangs out together freely the entire time. Water is kept available for your pup at all times. 

Potty Time

The play rooms are equipped with highly washable, sanitary artificial turf patches to "go" on. There is never a rainy, cold, or hot day inside our doggie daycare, so pets don't have to hold it! They also get potty breaks every 2 hours in our doggy bathroom which is also equipped with specially scented artificial dog turf and a cedar fence to give an outdoor feel. Our turf is specially scented so their doggie noses know that this is where they're supposed to "go," so they will not have trouble going potty inside. However, if you prefer we walk your pet outside, let us know, and we can do a safe, double leash walk in the grassy area outside.


  • Puppies must be older than 4 months of age
  • Puppies must have all DHPP  shots
  • Dogs 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered
  • Must be friendly, social, and healthy
  • Proof of current Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP vaccines with due dates on records must be given before or on first day of dayplay. It is owner's responsibility to provide up to date vaccine records after new vaccines have been given.
  • Dogs must be free of fleas and ticks and on a flea and tick preventative 
  • No communicable diseases or illnesses within the last 30 days. If pet has had a communicable disease or illness 30 days prior to play, you must provide vet certification stating they are healthy and that it is safe to play and be around other dogs.
  • Cannot be toy or food aggressive
  • Cannot be aggressive with people or other dogs
  • Owners must certify that their pet has not harmed or shown any aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs